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Jim Harris - Committee Member, Bass/Guitar Player

posted May 29, 2012, 3:49 PM by Susannah Francis   [ updated May 29, 2012, 3:53 PM ]
I've always considered myself a Christian;  born and raised in Russiaville, IN by a conservative Mom & Dad, attending the Church of Christ in Kokomo and accepting Christ at Pearson Mills Church Camp at the age of 12.

As a young adult, I played music mostly in pop/rock bands and worked in retail. From high school, 1972-1990 I worked in retail management, all the while still playing music. Even went on the road, for a time, from 1974-1980, performing music for a living, while taking leaves of absences from retail work.

In the late 1980's, I was not happy with the retail work or the music. I was downsized five times in retail and the music had become too much work and not enough fun. I remember the time and place I was, in 1990, when being downsized for the 5th time, and having not played music for 8 years, due to being extremely frustrated to the point of a near nervous breakdown. It was then, that I turned to God and asked "What am I doing here?" "What would you have me do?"

After about three months of prayer and rest, God told me to "follow my gifting." I was always good with numbers; financial stuff & the like. And I always had an interest in legal matters, finances and taxes. So, even though I was afraid of making change, with God's direction, that is what happened over the next three years. During this time, I learned, became licensed and obtained a degree, that allowed the beginning of a financial planning career.

Things were going just OK and I had control of my time and work, for the first time in my life. But by 1998, it became apparent, through various signs from God, that I was not using my gifting to God's glory. He told me to view my work as a ministry. That I should view the towns and residences I was visiting as my mission field. So I changed the approach, focusing totaling on serving others, without regard to my time or monetary cost. Well, it was amazing the transformation my business, work and ministry went through! God puts people in my path that I can witness to, He always takes care of my income needs, with clients, that allows me to do pro-bono work with people and organizations and, in October of 2000 God introduced me to a minister that gave me an opportunity to play music again!

I believe with everything in me, that all of those early years in my life; working retail, playing music and traveling the country; God was forming me to do what I have now done since 1999. And that is to have my own businesses working in financial ministry and music ministry. He has grown both to where I am a very blessed man. Working and playing in the two areas I am very passionate and gifted; financial services and music.

A wise man once said, "If you want to find yourself, dedicate yourself to the service of others."