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Susannah's Testimony

Written in February 2010
Last year, I was feeling led to search for a music ministry conference that I could attend to “learn the ropes” and make connections in the field. You see, it was only a few years back that God had laid it on my heart to start looking into Christian ministry as a full-time “job”. I found Karitos quickly and LOVED what I saw. You see, it not only am I involved in music, but my husband is a playwright and we are involved together in drama as well. It was the perfect combination for us to attend together, as we do with most of our ministry work. I couldn’t talk him into attending the entire weekend as the word “conference” was synonymous with “boring” in his mind, so we just attended 6 short hours. Those six hours were some of the most fruitful of our lives! We attended a set design class – this not only helped us, but our church as a whole because we brought back the notes from the class and resources that were suggested and our minister used the tools to design a Christmas musical set just a few months later; we also attended several worship track classes – we were inspired by Vivian Hibbert and our surrounding “classmates” that shared in the frustrations of bringing arts into the church (WE ARE NOT ALONE!). We also attended additional worship sessions that had spoke to our current needs by attending courses by Debbie Stackhouse and Wayne Stewart. They provided a great overview and reminder of WHY we are doing what we are doing….it is not for our glory or for us to “mark another one off our list”…it is for building the Kingdom of God, sharing who Christ is with the world through the means God has given us. I was so taken by one of the sessions that I even felt led to go up to one of the teachers and ask for his prayer and advice on how to approach my minister about my heart for pursuing ministry. I believe attending Karitos was that missing puzzle piece that God has been trying to lead me to for so very long. We can’t wait to attend this year…and yes, I say “we” because my husband and are planning to come with a large group of friends in the arts and make it a full weekend this year!