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An Amazing Time in Ministry at ATMC Auditions in Indianapolis

posted Mar 13, 2012, 11:21 AM by Susannah Francis
There are days that we get to look back at our lives and say "wow, did I really just get to do that?!". We had one of those weekends just recently while the AMTC auditions were taking place in Indianapolis on March 3rd. It started on Friday evening when we met with Carey Lewis Arban, getting to introduce her to Merlin Gonzales of Faith Hope & Love. We enjoyed our time in talking ministry with Carey so much that it carried over to staying to meet more of the AMTC staff and later praying over the rooms where the auditions were to take place the following day. That in itself was truly an honor, to pray with the team. We mentioned at some point in our conversation that we were planning to be at the auditions the next day, as we knew of two ministry friends that would be auditioning and we wanted to be there for support. That turned into us being invited to assist the staff the next day at auditions.

Wow....what a truly awesome day!. It seems that God keeps using AMTC to reveal Himself and His ministry for us. The first half of the day, God made it possible for us to see both of our friends audition (which they both did amazingingly!) and spend time with them afterwards. Then, after a brief staff lunch with the team, we started into the next session of auditions. God had a very different appointment for us than the morning had held. This time we were blessed to minister to the auditioners as they waited. This meant we got to walk around to about 80 dancers, singers, actors, models and such and just love on them! We took the Holy Spirit's lead as we walked around for four hours - encouraging those were nervous, practicing and critiquing the skits they were to perform, praying with them and speaking God's truth to them. It was WONDERFUL! We even bumped into two gals from our last Christmas production that were there to audition and, thanks to our Lord, didn't miss getting to see one of them audition. It awakened a ministry of healing and encouragement between Zach and I that we have never experienced together, even in our own productions.


If you or anyone you know have been called to the entertainment industry in dance, song, acting, modeling or stand-up comedy, we HIGHLY encourage you to check out AMTC. They will be back in Indy in a little over a week on Saturday, March 17th. You may see more information on thier website at If you want to talk to us more about our experiences with them, check out our AMTC page or please feel free to contact me at