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Moving into Our Niche

posted Apr 8, 2012, 9:38 PM by Susannah Francis
The 1heart Praise Band started back in May of 2009 with a group of seemly mismatched lovers of music. We all had big hearts for God, but very different backgrounds…thus the name 1heart seemed fitting. So what happens when you have an opera singer playing piano & singing harmonies and a bass player strumming the guitar? Growth, that’s what happens; lots of stretching and bending. You also meet humbleness at its rawest form when a shy vocalist starts stepping out as a worship leader. It may have seemed crazy to those that looked on, but we were just being obedient to what God was telling us to do.
(Picture below - Leading worship at Camp Indy in June 2011)

It took a solid year before we really pulled together a real group, since we all were learning our new areas respectively. We worked on songs we knew at first and then after about two years, started learning new ones. It has been a collaborative process from the beginning, each of us bringing our own unique flavors and styles to the song arrangements. However, it appeared to finally be working! In late 2010, we started moving out of solely leading worship for church services and started playing at fundraisers and outdoor events. Christmas 2010, the 1heart Praise Band provided live music for the drama production of “A Christmas Testimony” and something truly special happened. We finally started to realize our niche. Christmas Eve 2011 was the first time we performed songs and mixed them with short drama “emotion” sketches (only about a minute in length). The evening was a success and well-received by the church congregation that attended. Even better, we felt some powerful Holy Spirit movement through the service that evening.

So, now we are working on a new set of music all on the theme of HOPE and short 1-2 minute sketches that will interlock with the message of the songs. We believe God has great plans for this new style of worship & teaching and cannot wait to share it with others.

If you or someone you know would like us to come and be a part of a service or event, please feel free to visit our website at or email