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"Karitos" Happens In Indianapolis

posted May 10, 2012, 10:56 AM by Susannah Francis   [ updated May 10, 2012, 8:46 PM ]

Karitos Indy 2012 Worship

God poured down His blessings onto Central Indiana artists this past Saturday at the Primerica office in Northwest Indianapolis. Attendees traveled as far as Gary, Indiana to experience a taste of the Karitos Worship & Arts Conference. Dance, Worship, Theatre, Vocal and Artists Calling workshops were on the menu, as well as a special time for worship & local artists performances.  Attendees of the event had this to say:

"I have been wanting to see what happens when people operate in their passion, and from Saturday I can see Karitos happens!!!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed Charl'z and LeAnzer's classes!"

"Maura's (dance) workshop was what I really needed and now I'm extremely interested in going (to Karitos in July)"

"I have never experienced anything like that (dance workshop) in my life. God kept reminding me that it is time for me to dance again. This weekend was the first time I did this in front of anyone else besides God."

Area artists joined together to usher in the Holy Spirit with a time of worship before breaking out into the individual workshop sessions.  The prayer shared by Executive Director Bob Hay was that area artists be encouraged by this event and seek a greater relationship with their Creator. His prayer was answered quickly through the first workshop session, offering attendees their choice of Dance, Vocal or Artist Calling workshops.  The dance session, led by long-time Karitos faculty member Maura Hoagland, offered the participants a unique and very powerful opportunity to minister through intercessory dance.  Hoagland gently instructed on different movements that could be offered up as prayer and then led the group to dance a very simple worship piece, encouraging the dancers to feel the Holy Spirit's guidance and to break out into their own expression of worship.  As the lights drew low, Maura broke the people into groups of five or six, with one person at the center and the rest encircling them. She instructed for the people on the outside pray for the person in the center utilizing the prayerful dance movement that were previously exampled.  She also placed a variety of scarves around the room to facilitate this process. Beautiful, peaceful music played as each group focused on their subject of prayer.  As the Holy Spirit directed each group, prayer began....and people fell onto their knees weeping, hands in the air praising, each receiving the special gift that was being given to them through prayer. 

This was just one of the workshops offered at this four-hour event.  Joyous laughter could be heard all over the facility as the Worship workshop began the second session in, most appropriately, worship.  Also offered during this session was a Theatre workshop called "Script Mining", a Vocal workshop that focused on the voice as an instrument and again the Artist Calling workshop entitled "And God Gave Apostles, Prophets, and, er…Artists?" The artists that attended each session were encouraged in their gifts through the workshops presented, fulfilling the prayer by Bob Hay from the beginning of the evening.  However, the best was yet to come as the final worship session began.  The session began with a video presentation of the Karitos Worship & Arts Conference and a free conference registration being drawn from those that had entered. Then, 1heart Praise band was joined by Karitos Worship Department Head, LeAnzar Stockley to lead the attendees through abandoned worship.  As the songs built upon one another and the beautiful tones of the oboe, played by Karitos Vice President Courtney Hay wafted up into Heaven, the Glory came down and revival began.  As the music softened, prayers were lifted into the sky as a sweet incense to our King.  Dancers Shontay Dickerson & Janean Starms ministered to the group, pouring out more and more worship to the already saturated crowd.  Praises were lifted again in song, this time reflecting on the hearts of the individuals.  As a paper mache heart was brought forth on a stand, made by Martinsville artists Abigail Farmen, a challenge was offered for the attendees to give their burdens to Christ. They were prompted to come forward with their needs, write what they were to give over on a small piece of paper and lay it at the feet of Jesus.  As people poured forward, the based of the stand was littered with tiny pieces of paper as people handed the weights holding them back over to God.  "I Surrender All" played sweetly in the background as people continued to come forward, handing over what troubled them.  As the evening drew to a close, a final prayer was offered by Co-Founder of 1heart Arts Ministries, Susannah Francis. She prayed that these seedling be nurtured and cared for, that they bring forth fruit that would be multiplied and that anyone that was called by God to attend the Karitos Worship & Arts Conference in July be provided what they needed. People slowly left the room, as fellowship and prayer continued. It seemed as if nobody wanted to leave the powerful presence that permeated the building. 

It is prayerfully being considered to have Karitos Indy again next year. If you are interested in being a part, please contact

About Karitos Worship & Arts Conference

Last year, Executive Director of Karitos, Bob Hay, was interviewed by "Religion in the News" on WISH-TV8 and share about this powerful conference that has held to "nurture, encourage and equip Christian artists" for the past 17 years. 

Karitos '11

This year the conference has moved to a larger facility, Wheaton Academy in West Chicago to hold the two and a half-day conference.  The new location allows even more workshops and a greater variety of learning opportunities to the attendee, such as an eight-hour audio tech workshop.  The rate of this already very affordable event has been reduced as well. Those that go through the Indianapolis rate, can secure a full conference adult reservation for only $80 if booked by May 15th at midnight.  1heart Arts Ministries is also putting together a special discounted package for travel. More information can be found at or by contacting  We hope you can join us!