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Blessings from Karitos Conference

posted Jul 25, 2011, 10:03 AM by Susannah Francis   [ updated Jul 25, 2011, 10:16 AM ]
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Do you all know how faithful our God is to us? He gives us exceedingly and abundantly above all that we can imagine and this past weekend was yet another example of His unending love and compassion for us.  Please read below for just a taste of what it was like for me to experience Karitos again. 

This was my third year at Karitos and I’m so thankful that God allowed me to go again!  It’s hard to put a Karitosexperience into words, so I’m just going to focus on still praising Him for things He did this weekend. Here are some: 

  • Getting to know seven beautiful sisters in Christ so much better and intimately during our fellowship and worship together
  • Being able to see the joy in those sisters as they grew closer to Him by discovering new gifts and His will for their lives.
  • Seeing and hearing the lady in audience with her simple tambourine start to move the music to a whole new level
  • Seeing that little girl wave her streamer and it keep getting tangled…she figured it out after a while J
  • Seeing my husband have a breakthrough in his writing skills, learning new techniques and getting feedback on how to make his work even better in reaching others for Christ
  • Those really special moments alone, when people shared all those amazing intimate details on what Christ was doing for them throughout the weekend. I wouldn’t trade even one second of that for a million dollars!
  • God’s answers to questions that I had about ministry work and how to continue to grow closer in walking with Him through it
  • Hearing the words “I never knew that I could dance for God”
  • Seeing a super close friend recognize confirmation that her gift of songwriting was truly from God and that first hour after,  seeing the weight just lifted right off of her
  • Watching one of my new sisters in Christ “due time” come as they were “lifted up” by God after many years of humbling themselves before Him.
  • That we had two last-minute arrivals that joined in the weekend
  • Getting that surprise piece of chicken from my lovely sister Deb…she is the most amazing meal coordinator I’ve ever seen
  • That last day when I got to see four gals from our group get to share their gifts on the “mainstage” in front of all of the attendees at the conference
  • That standing ovation for God & our amazing sister in Christ that has a powerful gift of healing and encouragement through her poetry
  • Hearing Courtney Hay speak on stage and share her testimony since a time “fill-in” was needed….that was a God-filled “fill-in”
  • Getting to spend time talking with the amazing brothers and sisters that are part of organizing this event every year…they are totally amazing to me and bless me deeply with their witness
  • Meeting that amazing Christian actress from Indy while we recorded a section of "A Christmas Testimony"
  • That conversation with a friend when I learned something I never knew and never ever could possibly forget
  • Getting my beautiful “Strong Tower” covered with the Names of God…all specifically chosen for what God said I needed. Thank you SO much sister Karen…I love you tons!!
  • That really good cry that just needed to come…when I laid it all down at the Altar and said “what now, Jesus?”
  • That breakthrough on the video project
  • That time in the lobby at the hotel and the divine meeting that took place for one of our sisters
  • Seeing the birthday girl open her bubbles and sidewalk chalk
  • Those moments of “why me, God?” 
  • That car ride home when I learned even MORE about those amazing ladies
  • Getting to see the teens play in the McD’s play area (I know..I know…)
  • Seeing the Mobile Chapel at the gas station on the way home, meeting Chaplain Bob and hearing his stories about lives being changed in Papa New Guinea…what are the odds that it would be the same country that my pastor & his wife lived in for 10 years?
  • All those seeds that were planted and watered that haven’t yet broken through the soil yet
  • All the watering & pruning that will be done to those seedlings
  • Seeing more people that are as excited as we are about Karitos and signed up for next year!
We thank you so much for your prayers!!!