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6/7/12 - Preparing a Star

posted Jun 7, 2012, 1:57 PM by Susannah Francis   [ updated Jun 7, 2012, 2:19 PM ]

God has put it so very heavy on my heart that I am to be encouraging Wynter along the way.  He is using this very journey of hers to heal my own wounds. Does that sound like our God or what?!  I just finished an article for the 1heart Arts ministry newsletter that focuses on WHY we are going to SHINE this July.  The easiest answer is "God told us to", but of course I elaborated on that a bit so people could understand the whole story.  

The other day we met with both Wynter and her mom Janet to put together her website and get her promo items ordered. Wow...did God come through BIG time. Vistaprint had an amazing deal with free uploads AND free shipping. I think we ended up getting about $170 in items for only $30 some dollars! The best part of it is that Janet, Wynter's mom got a really neat tote that she can use at SHINE to market her daughter while carrying around her stuff! It all matches her website too - her business cards, thank you cards, pen, hat, signs, tote bag and more. I love that God prepared me so well to do this ministry! Who knew that all that I learned in the workplace would help me so much in marketing our artists!  I have to say that the workshop that went to at Winter SHINE this past January was super helpful too - The Three E's – Education, Execution & Excellence.  

We also got a Facebook page up for Wynter. Now, we are working on how to get a short video together of her dancing and finalizing a simple website.  This gal is so very talented, but more than that, she communicates God's love to people...through her dance, talk, her's just who she is. That is how she got over 100 people to "like" her FB site in under 24 hours. It's now up to 143 and it only went live about 32 hours ago.  God's got a special gift through this girl and we are so honored that He is letting us be a part of the journey.

If that wasn't enough of a joy, He is using this entire process to heal me.  You see, I used to dance. No, never like Wynter, but I always loved dance; took lessons in ballet, swing, tap, modern...even clogging.  I was a part of swing choir & color guard/dance team in high school and even took a modern dance class in college where I choreographed a full dance to my friend playing Yanni's "The Rain Must Fall".  
Through all these memories and getting closer and closer to who God has made me to be, He has been slowly reawakening this deep desire to not only dance, but choreograph....flags, dance, mime. I've been seeing it all in my head...I can't listen to a Christian song and NOT see it.  Where this road will lead us, I haven't a clue...not a clear vision at least. However, I do know there is healing for everyone involved. I also know that Wynter is just at the very beginning of what He about to take her to become.