Lesson notes from "Heart of the Artist" Bible study series. For more information about this biweekly study, please view the link above. 

Powerful devotionals that are specially geared to the artistic mind. You can even request for them to be delivered straight to your inbox!

Enjoy artistic expressions by our friends of the ministry. Pictures, videos, photographs, music and more available for your viewing pleasure.

We invite you to share in the ministry work of some great artists by purchasing their items. Fundraising items to support 1heart Arts are also available for sale.

Drama Script Samples
Original scripts by Zachary T. Francis are available by request. Please click the link above to view sections of scripts from a variety of productions.

Ministry Partners & Friends

Workshop notes, event articles and photos

Karitos Worship & Art Conference
Event highlights, details on Karitos Indy, media resources, photos and more

Links to conferences, training, artists group and organizations that have a heart to serve the Christian artist community and beyond.