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Video Shoot at the Studio

posted Jun 20, 2012, 2:42 PM by Susannah Francis   [ updated Jun 20, 2012, 3:02 PM ]
God is just so good to you know that?  We went this past Thursday to meet Wynter at the dance studio where she teaches, planning to just get a few shots of her dancing and an interview with her about going to SHINE on camera. Our hearts were that people could see her how we see we believe God sees her...and we know her momma sees her.

However, when we got to the studio, we didn't only see Wynter, but her very close dance friend AND the owner of the studio.  Both of them agreed to share their experiences with Wynter on camera. BUT...the best part of the whole interview was not that amazing God-cident that we could talk to them, rather Who showed up while we were recording.  As Zach moved around the floor with the camera in hand, attempting to capture the true essence of Wynter's dancing, I look over and Wynter's friend Abigail (who has seen her dance since the age of 13) is completely mesmerized and starting to get very emotional.  I've seen that look too many times to not recognize it...the Holy Spirit is speaking to her.  As I talk to Abigail she starts to share her feelings, that God is in this place. I can't agree more and joy starts overflowing...a fruit of the Holy Spirit and It's presence.  

We look on from the sidelines, trying to stay out of Zach's way and shots, but we are both caught up in our own experiences that God is giving us.  Abigail shares with me that she is going to school for dance in north New York state not too far from NYC.  She too has the dream like Wynter of being part of a ballet company and begins asking questions about AMTC. I gladly answer and share the journey that Zach and I have had in getting to know the organization.  You can see it all here.  She shares her deep desire to reflect Christ in her dance...and then I get to see her dance....and oh yes, she does.  A beautiful ballerina herself, I am thoroughly captured in watching her and Wynter dance together.  

Our day of shooting ended in prayer for Abigail, that God would make His plans for her known and that she would have the strength to follow His path. God is just so good to us. He loves us so much that He uses us to accomplish His will on a daily basis and I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of Wynter's journey to His call on her well as maybe a moment in time that God can use in Abigail's path as well.

And now....the video.... 

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