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This Is the Day!

posted Jul 1, 2012, 10:45 AM by Susannah Francis
The Lord has done this,
and it is marvelous in our eyes.
The Lord has done it this very day;
let us rejoice today and be glad. 
 Lord, save us!
Lord, grant us success!
~ Psalm 118:23-25
Well, we are about to leave out of town and wow....what a week it has been. Last night, Zach and I were joking about what a crazy couple of weeks it has been for us.  We concluded that the enemy was most definitely trying to keep us from going down to SHINE.  So, that just made our resolve that much stronger that we are supposed to be there!  I wish I could say that we were as confident and jovial the entire time, but that just isn't true. We've each had our days of "how much more of this can we take?!" and "maybe we should reconsider this.".  However, God is victorious and brings healing in the midst of our storms.  I am so thankful that He loves through the doubt and frustrations that we bring to Him. I am so very grateful that He uses these times to make us stronger and to draw us closer to His side.
So, what have been these frustrations? Well, let us tell you just a handful.
  1. Zach's stepdad's surgery didn't take, so had to do another surgery just this last Friday, Zach's last day off before we leave.
  2. Our school loan paperwork just happened to get all messed up and we had to deal with filing new paperwork this past week.
  3. Our home had back property taxes that we thought had been paid (according to the person we talked to in Decemeber). We found out about a week ago that our house was due to go up for sale by the  city.
  4. My (Susannah's) medication was discontinued from the manufacture and is not available for purchase anywhere. This is what allowed me to work, drive and function once again after 4 years of not being able.
  5. Zach was stuck at work 4 hours overtime (only has happened one other time since he started in January 2010) last night when we were supposed to be at our friend's wedding reception and then pack for the trip.
But guess what...God is bigger than anything that the world can throw at us. The surgery went really well and, though Zach's stepdad is in pain, the problem is resolved.  Our final call to the school loan people was met with a REALLY helpful gal that told us the correct paperwork that needed to be filed and Zach's mom faxed it for us. God provided the funds to pay off those back taxes in person one day before they were due.  I still haven't found my meds, but I'm feeling quite good. I am a little dizzy and tired, but it seems that this new diet I've been doing is allowing me to feel SO much better than I normally would.  Zach was very tired after working over last night, but we were able to pack everything today and Zach's mom offered to drive me out to meet him, so I could finalize things at the house today.
God is good! The days He makes are good too! Let us rejoice in them!