E-Newsletter for August 2011

yer  & Praise Report!
If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." 
~ Matt. 21:22
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No. 7, August 2011

The Lord is Faithful

"I thank my God everytime I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." - Phil. 1:4-6

We can't thank you enough for your prayers and support of 1heart Arts.  The Lord has been continuing to answer our prayers and so much happened this month that it is hard to contain it all in mere words...but I'm going to try.  We had a group of eight travel up to the Karitos conference and wow...you just have to read the blessings that the Lord provided - Karitos Blessings. It was exceedingly and abundantly above all what we could have asked or imagined.  We are overwhelmed with thanksgiving for what God did in these lives that will never be the same!  After we returned from Karitos, we took a short "rest" for that next Monday and then started in heavily in preparations for FHL Week definitely hear more Faith, Hope & Love as time goes on, as we are partnering with them on our Christmas production. Now, comes the fun...we have 1heart Praise Band gigs, planning of auditions for the Christmas play AND a cookout on the 20th to gather artists and share about our amazing Karitos experience first-hand. We hope you can join us!!
Also, Zach and I appreciate your prayers for the family needs that came during our very busy month of July.  His sister and family are doing much better and we trust that God is accomplishing His will through it all.

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Ministry Updates 
Praises & Prayer Requests
Drama Ministry - The Christmas production is on it's way and auditions are starting to be announced.  We don't yet have a venue, so this is a major prayer need.  However, we have unbelievable peace and assurance that God is preparing something BIG in our partnership with a Faith, Hope & Love!!  If you know of someone/somewhere that might be interested in hosting or being a part of the production, please let us know.  Auditions will be held on Sept 16th & 17th for dancers, musicians and cast members. We have most everything up on our website, so please check it out if you are interested in being a part - Meanwhile, please be praying for us as we begin applying for grants, preparing for auditions and gathering our leadership.
Playwriting Ministry -  The Christmas script is being finalized as we prepare for auditions in September. The next writing project is the filmscript on "cutting". We've been blessed to be led to a number of people in the field and with life experience on this topic and it has been an absolutely amazing journey so far. Zach is starting to prepare thoughts for writing the 10-minute trailer for our friend out in SC. Please be praying for us as this project continues. Also, we had a prayer answered in the area of a Christian's writers group.  Last night, we attended one in Mooresville and feel that it might be exactly what we need.  Praise God for prayer answered!  
Artist Bible Study - This group has been struggling a bit to meet throughout the summer, as so many of us have very busy schedules.  However, we are planning to stay solid throughout the fall & winter, so it's an excellent time to join us!  If you know of artists that would like to grow in their walk & craft, please share ourwww.1heartarts.org website or point them to www.meetup.com under the name "Christian Artists". 
1heart Worship & Praise Ministry - The Lord continues to provide opportunities for our praise band to serve in the community.  We've got a number of "gigs" that we are very excited about and a few on the horizon, such as leading the Christmas Eve service at Southport Church of the Nazarene. We are SO very thankful that our Lord is using us and doors are opening.  Our deepest prayer is for group to continue to meld and grow together and also for some funds to provide the equipment and materials we need to move to the next step where God is directing us.  
1heart Arts Leadership Committee - Praise God for an amazing leadership team with our ministry.  We have invited a few new people to join that we feel would be an asset and they are currently praying. Our next quarterly meeting will be in October and most definitely the Christmas production will be heavy on the agenda.
Kingdom Design Administrative Ministry - CONTINUED PRAYER - I'm going to stop praying for a partner to assist me, as I think maybe that was the wrong thing to be asking.  Instead, I ask that you pray for God to lead me to the resources that will allow this ministry to multiply.  God put a major passion in my heart to create an understanding as to the necessity of administration and I do my "preaching" through submission to the ministries where God has led me to work. 
Practical and Financial Needs - As we begin these new projects such as the Christmas production, filmscript, praise band services and artist networking events, we are finding the needs for funds a constant need. Our Father in Heaven has been keeping us sustained for quite a while now, but we know we are entering a new era that require financial partnerships with those that know and support our ministry.  We believe He already has started calling some to this and know more will come as it is needed.  Our church is accepting donations on our behalf and has a special little line item for 1heart Arts that allows us to access the funds as we need them.  If you are interested in donating, please visit our Support Page.  
 Karitos Worship & Arts Conference - Wow! Wow and wow! If you haven't been able to read our list of blessings from Karitos conference in July, please don't delay. You will be so moved by how much the Lord did in the those few short days. We are now starting to recruit and prepare for taking a group next year.  The Lord put our hearts to start praying for a charter bus to take us all up in 2012!  At first, I thought this was a lofty goal, but seeing how God is moving here in Indy with the ministry, I'm starting to think a caravan of FIVE buses might be more something to pray on.  Also, I would love to sponsor as a ministry a few people from Indy to take with us. These would be teens and/or adults that would benefit from attending, but cannot afford it themselves. Since I first experienced Karitos, the Lord put on my heart that Indy needed this...and I don't believe that was anything but the truth.  The Lord is preparing the way and our next Indy promo event is going to be powerful...I can just feel it coming!!  

If you are interested in being a part of this wave, please contact me atSusannah@1heartarts.org and we can talk more!
We covet your prayers!!!

July Happenings

August 9 @ 1-2 pm
 1heart Praise Band at Camp Indy 
August 14 @ 4-6 pm
 1heart Praise Band Practice 
August 16 @ 6-9:30pm
August 18 @ 6:30 pm
August 20 @ 4-8 pm
August 21 
@ 10:15 am
1heart Praise Band at Downey Avenue Christian Church
@ 6 pm
1heart Praise Band at Southport Church of the Nazarene

August 28 @ 4-6 pm
 1heart Praise Band Practice
August 30 @ 6:30pm
 Artist Bible Study

Prayer Need Highlights
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Drama Ministry - Prayer for location(s) to host Christmas production & upcoming auditions
Playwriting Ministry - Film project on cutting 
Artist Bible Study - Prayer for continued growth and connections in the Artist Community
1heart Praise Band - Summer "gigs"; continued growth as a group; funds for equipment and materials
1heart Leadership Committee -New leadership possibly joining; continued discernment on projects and fundraising
Kingdom Design -  For God to lead me to the resources He has prepared to further this ministry.
Practical/Financial Needs -Fundraising and promotion for Christmas production; Praise Band equipment and materials; Donations & Support for ministry
Karitos - Preparing for 2012 Indy Promo Event; Charter buses for next year's event; Financial sponsorship of people that want to attend
1heart Praise Band

Kelly Mallasch-Keyboard & Vocals; Evelyn Johnson-Piano & Vocals; Susannah Francis-Vocals; Zach Francis-Percussion & Backing Vocals; Jim Harris-Bass, Guitar & Backing Vocals

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