Workshop Descriptions

All workshop participants will be featured in a special program at the end of the day for family and friends to attend.


Attendees of these workshops will have the opportunity to learn fun songs that will challenge them to grow in their musical skills, listening and stage presence.

Youth Choir (Ages 10-13)

Youth will have the experience to learn techniques such as blending harmonies, breath control and other basic musical skills.

Teen Choir (Ages 14+)

This session will feature learning four–part harmonies, learning challenging rhythm patterns and musical “phrasing”.

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These sessions are created to build and develop drama skills, as well as encourage confidence, creativity and collaboration.

Improv (All ages) 

Youth will have a blast playing games while learning the skill of improvisation for the stage, with a focus on expression of emotion, body movements and timing.

Character Development (All ages) 

This workshop will take you through the journey of creating a well-rounded character for stage, including how to build a “history”, unique voice, and emotion of your character.

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