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A Year Full of Partnerships

posted Dec 2, 2012, 9:27 AM by Susannah Francis   [ updated Dec 2, 2012, 9:50 AM ]
God has been so very amazing to us this year, giving us all that our hearts desired in the realms of developing more partners and friends in the ministry community. He said to us that this year would be about building a strong foundation for 1heart Arts Ministries and He was so very faithful to lead us through such a time. We would like to give God all the glory as we look back at this past year’s fruit in the area of ministry partnerships. Please join us in the journey! 


We were overwhelmed at God’s clear path of provision for us to attend the Actor's Models & Talent for Christ (ATMC) SHINE event at the first of the year. He provided the funds for travel to Florida through Zach’s unexpected bonus at work, a free place to stay with my cousin (plus some great rekindling of that relationship!) and the favor for the CSO of AMTC to invite us as her guests. We were so honored and even our own personal ministry as artists was changed from our experiences there. When they returned in March, we were blessed to pray with the staff and given an amazing opportunity to minister to the attendees of the event. Plus, we supported four of our ministry friends as they auditioned. 

God shined brightly on us as we began the journey of traveling to SHINE again in July, this time with the sole intent to minister alongside dancer Wynter Veal-Drummond and her mother Janet. God not only provided the means for us to make another trip down to Orlando, but also allowed to meet another awesome actress model that traveled down with us (Stephanie Riley) and gave us the amazing open door to have our own ministry booth at the event. Wow…you read about it I know, but it still overwhelms me all that He did for us in allowing us to minister at that event. The story is not even close to being over, we continue our friendship with the AMTC family and again prayed and fellowshipped with them when they were back for auditions this August. We were invited to attend SHINE as ministry sponsors again this coming January, but at the moment, it doesn't appear that is the path that God has for us. We adore the staff at AMTC and urge anyone that feels a call to mainstage ministry to look into what they have to offer. We will happily join you in prayer and support!


God made it possible for AMTC to meet Karitos shortly after our first time attending SHINE in January. Those doors that God opens NO ONE can shut! As planning took place for Karitos ’12 in Chicago, God had a very special assignment for 1heart Arts…to host the first ever Karitos INDY!
Since our first time attending the Karitos Worship & Arts Conference in 2009, I KNEW that this day would eventually come, that Indianapolis NEEDED Karitos and the amazing ministry that it offered. Our first event was managed with just a few in leadership; covering registration, hospitality and program direction. And we didn't know how many to expect for a first-time event, so we were blessed with our friend offering his business space that could hold about 40 people. Our prayer? Not to pack out the house, but that God would bring the people that HE had called to be there and that the atmosphere of his Holy Spirit would permeate the building, the hallmark of a true Karitos experience. Wow! God sure provided “exceedingly, abundantly above what we could ask or imagine” with our packed house of 45 people. You must read about it all and see the short video of the event above. It was so very powerful!!! And, over 20 people from Indianapolis attended the full Karitos event this past July. So, you can imagine how many KNOW what we know now….how this experience MUST be shared with Indianapolis. Now, comes the planning for Karitos INDY ’13 and we are looking for those that have a heart to join us. We believe that the ministry connections that we have made will play a large part in this next year’s event. We also believe that due to the many people that share our passion for sharing Karitos, that so much more is possible! 

Faith, Hope & Love

Many of you may know that I (Susannah Francis) am the Executive Assistant with the FHL team. For this reason, we have been blessed to have many opportunities to partner with this life-changing ministry of backyard missions. Last December, we joined with them in producing our traveling Christmas production, ministering in Sheridan, Inner-city Indianapolis & Martinsville that ministered to hundreds. 

This year, however, took a slightly different turn in partnership; this time through the ministry of video production. During the annual FHL Week, the 1heart Arts Video team traveled to numerous ministry projects throughout Central Indiana, capturing the event and moving testimonies of the participants/recipients. We then, produced several short reporter-style videos that were featured throughout the week and beyond. It was amazing to see how God ministered to so many and how lives were forever changed through the ministry that was done.

Christian Youth Theater

As we were preparing for last year’s Christmas production, God opened the door for us to have a very wonderful lunch with the CYT Administrator, Lindy Siefker. Through our time together, we felt an instant connection and immediately starting considering partnership possibilities. Though we didn’t have an answer right away as to how we could join efforts, we stayed in contact with Lindy, praying and supporting as we were led. As God began to open the door of opportunity with them again this summer, we found out that CYT was holding their first-ever southside Indy production. What a perfect fit for us to help them since many of our core ministry team is from the southside! In prayer, God led us to help with food for the cast & crew during a day of
performances. They also invited us to put up a 1heart Arts booth to share about ourselves and the other awesome ministries that we support. We were SO very blessed to be a part of that event! My husband Zach echoed so many of my same sentiments as we enjoyed the performance that evening. The cast and crew were top-knotch professionals and, even more amazing, gave God all the glory, both on and off the stage. We know that this too is just the beginning for our relationship with them and cannot wait to see where God will be leading us next!

And so many more...

The ones above are just those that we actually partnered with in some way this year, but the list is ever-growing of ministries and churches where we are continue to grow relationships. He has led us to wonderful friends such as Christ Community Church of Lamong, Inspired Productions,  the team at "Religion in the News", Indy Christian Media and so many others!   God is so abundant in providing us never-ending resources of friendships and ministry partners. You can see this expanding list on our new Ministry Partners & Friends page on our website.  We are always looking for more ways to connect to the Body, so we welcome any suggestions of organizations and people that YOU think we should meet!