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A Recap of AMTC Summer SHINE ‘12

posted Aug 22, 2012, 1:54 PM by Susannah Francis   [ updated Aug 27, 2012, 8:09 PM ]

The first week of July we traveled again to Orlando to support gals that were participating in the AMTC SHINE event. As God is One that provide "exceedingly, abundantly", we also were blessed to share 1heart Arts with the 1,500 some attendees of the event by also being a sponsor and having a ministry booth displayed. God did so many AMAZING things through our time there - we prayed with dozens of participants, connected with global ministry leaders, and even more exciting was that both gals that we traveled down with to support had major spiritual breakthroughs and encounters with Christ. There were so many neat days down there. Two of my favorites, were the day that God filled both Zach and I with a deep desire to pray for the leadership involved with AMTC. He opened so many doors for us to pray so everywhere we went, there was another person that God had for us to pray over. It was an exhilarating experience! 

The other day was the day of the showcase finale. Our ministry friend Wynter (see more about her and her story here), was to dance in the finale and woke up not even being able to walk. There was prayer over her again and again throughout the day. Right before she went down to meet for the lineup, a group of us gathered over her and poured over more and more prayer. Though her spirit was healed, her leg still was in great pain (though she now could hobble a bit). God did a miraculous healing that very evening right before she went on stage. A group of various performers circled together and prayed together…Wynter said it was amazing! When she came on stage, she went right up on her toes and danced her heart out. The Spirit worked through her that night, both offstage and onstage. 

This time we didn't have the opportunity to attend as many of the seminars, but we did catch a few. One of the most useful was on the last day of the event, entitled "Where Do I Go From Here?'. It was a fantastic overview of all the many resources for finding work and/or volunteer opportunities in the arts, including online and our local communities.  We hope to have those notes to share soon. Until then, please feel free to check all of our seminar notes from Winter SHINE (below) or any of our other AMTC resources

God was so very good to us and we are thanking Him still for all these many blessings!

AMTC Winter SHINE 12 Seminar notes: